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Services ...

All massages are 60 minutes long but please allow for 90 minutes to include an in-depth consultation and to get comfortable on the couch ... we don't want to be in a rush at all. For all treatments a heated eye mask is used to deepen relaxation and Neals Yard Organic and natural products are used throughout.

Blooming Bliss

This is a wonderful side-lying massage where, after consultation, I will concentrate on your back, shoulders, neck, arms, hands, and legs. Drawing from a number of techniques to fully target all areas with long, deep strokes finishing with a light face and head massage. Pregnancy cushions and pillows are placed for your comfort to fully support your bump and keep you aligned throughout the treatment.

All the good things that will happen ...

- Reduced aches and pains

- Improved circulation and removing toxins
- Reduced swelling

- Reduced stress and anxiety and restores calm
- Encourages better sleep
- Heightened connection with your baby

- Passing on happy hormones to your baby

- Improve labour outcome'

Image by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič

Pure Bliss

After a consultation, this can either be a side-lying or face-down treatment. If you are breastfeeding, bolsters will be placed under the shoulders to ease pressure on the breasts (cushions and pillows will be used if required). Longer, deeper strokes are applied which increases the blood flow to the muscles to help aid recovery and release the feel-good endorphins ... childbirth is pretty strenuous so time for some 'new-mumma' love ... it's not all about the newbie you know! The Fourth Trimester (the 6 weeks after birth) is when you change from expectant woman to Mother, so you need to be nurtured too.

All the good things that will happen ...

- Soothe new Mothers

- Increase the circulation of blood to muscles after childbirth to help with repair.

- Helps carry 'feel good' hormones around the body, helping with milk let-down.

- Just carrying a new baby or breast-feeding gets you in some strange positions, let me ease chronic muscle tension.

- Improve your mood and lower stress levels, lets keep those baby blues at bay.

- Have some alone time, giving you the strength to meet the many needs of baby and home life.

- To enjoy the heavenly smells of the Neals Yard Products with soothing essential oils to help the mind and body recover with ease.

Mother with her Child

Divine Bliss


A completely Holistic Massage. A truly bespoke massage treatment following a full consultation to target any areas of stress or tightness combining deep tissue and more relaxing strokes. By treating the body to a stress-busting, hands-on therapy, physically, spiritually, and mentally, the body is able to start healing itself. To finish off the treatment I lightly cleanse the skin and give you a gentle facial massage that will leave you feeling all dreamy and calm.

All the good things that will happen ...

- Alleviate muscle tension relief and stiffness

- Boost the immune system

- Reduces overall stress and anxiety

- Improved circulation

- Releasing toxins

- Boost blood oxygen levels

- Improve skin elasticity

- Heightened sense of wellbeing


Bliss Holistic Facial


A luxurious treatment to cleanse and nourish the skin. 
A bespoke facial treatment tailored to your skin using products from Neals Yard Remedies to help you look and feel good naturally. 

All facial treatments include ...

- Double cleanse

- Exfoliation

- Face mask

- Warm towel press

- Toner

- Facial Massage

- Moisturiser

If you would like to add this as a wonderful extra to your massage it would be an additional £30.00

Beauty Salon


To further the benefits of the treatments:

I will give you a Bump Massage Bar, these are 100% organic and homemade by me! Lovingly made with Shea, Avocado and Cocoa butter, beeswax, coconut oil, and a few drops of Neals Yard Essential oils, these beauties once rubbed over your bump will melt with your body heat into a really nourishing massage oil for your bump, to keep those stretch marks at bay and help connect with your baby.

Drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins (I will give you a Neals Yard Tea bag to take away)

Rest for the remainder of the day ... stick some Friends or Sex in the City box sets on and just chill ... you deserve it!

I had a wonderful pregnancy massage on my actual due date and it was just divine. Kates treatment room was comfortable and the heated blanket made me feel so cosy. The ambiance was perfect for me to drift off, the lighting, music and gorgeous Neals Yard oils smelt amazing. Kate helped ease my sore aching back and calmed my stresses. I had a lovely nights sleep and felt so much better and ready for my baby, I would highly recommend Blooming Bliss

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