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Homemade Natural Soap

Frequently Asked Questions ...

You may have some questions regarding my services and I hope that I have answered them here for you. If there is something I haven't covered or you are still unsure please contact me to chat it through further with you.

Image by Tim Chow

What should I
wear to my appointment?

You will be covered with towels and blanks on areas that I will not be working on, so leave your knickers on but everything else will need to be removed. Bare in mind, that afterwards the oils may sightly transfer onto your clothes

Image by Juan Encalada

What do I need to do before my treatment?

Absolutely nothing!
Come to your appointment
and I will do the rest.

Will I be lying on my back at all for my pregnancy massage?

No, the treatment is a very comfortable side-lying massage.

Image by Felipe Salgado

Can I have a post natal massage after a

Yes, but you will need to wait until after the 6 week check with your midwife. Depending on how you feel after 6 weeks we could do a side-lying massage so that you are not lying on your tummy - it's just as lovely! 


Cancellation Policy

Please try to let me know at least 24 hours in advance if you cannot attend your appointment so that I can offer it to someone on the cancellation list. If it's for an amazing reason like you are in labour or have had your baby then a huge congratulations and I would love to see a piccie of your brand new arrival! 

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